Wood is also very forgiving when you make mistakes. Unlike metal where if you cut something wrong, the whole piece is useless - wood can be worked with, fixed and used or reused else where on the shed. Even novice do it yourselfers are able to construct a shed using wood.
Wood Shed Styles

Pop down to your local home center and you'll likely see wooden sheds in the parking lot. These are normally completely prebuilt and the home center delivers them as you see them. Most of these wooden sheds are of low quality, with maintaining a low price point being the most important factor, not quality. Unless your budget dictates it, avoid them. They don't last very long, there are no options and very little thought put into the overall style of the shed design.

There are so many styles in wooden sheds to choose from, do some searching for all options before confining yourself to what your home center offers. This is a structure that can can give you many years of enjoyment no matter what you have in mind to use it for. Wood is such a versatile material to work with and use that your shed can really meet all your expectations.